Commonly Neglected Auto Repairs

The more you invest in your car, the more you get out of it. This simple fact tells why car owners should purpose to invest in vehicle maintenance. Vehicle maintenance, however, often ends up taking the back seat since its value is often hard to justify. Here are some commonly neglected auto repairs and their cost.

Oil Changes

Regular oil changes are critical to the optimal running of the engine. Oil serves to reduce the friction between the moving parts of the engine. The rule of the thumb as far as replacing oil is concerned, is to have it changed every 3000 miles. Not sticking to your oil change schedule, however, might lead to engine failure.

Tire Rotations

Tire rotations happen to be one of the most inexpensive yet essential auto maintenance tasks. It typically entails having the tires rotated after every six months. Doing this goes a long way in ensuring that the tires wear out evenly, which could see your tires last for up to 100,000 km or more.

Transmission Flushes

It is essential to have your vehicle’s transmission flushed and replaced routinely. Not taking your car for routine flushes goes a long way in preventing transmission failures, which could even result in loss of lives.

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