Why Is Your Check Engine Light Illuminating?

The check engine light (CEL) is a warning sign of something wrong with your ride. In most cases, it is a simple problem that can be fixed immediately. However, sometimes, it is a sign that your ride has a severe problem that requires your mechanic’s attention.

In this article, we have explored three common reasons why your CEL is on.

Loose Petrol Cap

Check if the fuel cap is tightly closed if you have just left the petrol station and the CEL starts illuminating. A loose fuel cap will trigger the check engine light.

Faulty Fuel System

Any fuel system problem could also be why your CEL is on. For example, it could be that you have contaminated fuel. Another cause could be that your car is not getting enough power. If you have ruled out the above, check the oxygen sensor, and replace it if necessary.

Wiring Problems

A problem with your wiring system could also trip the check engine light. In this case, you must see a wiring specialist. Importantly, check the car thoroughly with a car diagnostic machine to avoid guesswork. A car’s wiring system is complex. You don’t want to tamper with wiring components in proper working order.

The above are the major causes for the check engine light coming on. Other reasons, though rare, could be contaminated oil and lack of service. A faulty cooling system is another malfunction that triggers the check engine light.

Can You Drive a Car with the Check Engine Light On?

So, should you drive your car after the CEL comes on? Well, it is not advisable, but if it is moving and you are stuck somewhere, drive it gently, but make sure to see a mechanic to have the problem fixed once and for all. This way, you will avoid damaging the car further.

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