Unpopular Opinion: Buy a New Car if You can

If you are like most car enthusiasts, you think buying new is a waste of money. But that’s not fair. New cars come with a ton of advantages including warranty, new features and of course bragging rights.

Here’s why buying a new car makes the hobby more enjoyable.


Let’s say you are in the market for a 10th gen Honda Accord. You have the option to choose colour interior options or even factory order your ideal spec. This is not possible at the used car dealership. These guys will always have limited options, especially when dealing with general niche dealers. You might run into your ideal spec car, but the chances of that happening are slim. The closest you can get is finding one or two matching specs.


Anybody who has ever driven a new car knows how premium it feels. You can sleep at night knowing your vehicle did not have an abusive previous driver or a questionable service history. This car will always start when you need it to and will have little to no drama. Adding to that, you’ll have a warranty and roadside assistance in case something goes wrong.

Latest Features and Designs

Automakers are on a mission – to build a better car than they did last time. While the internal mechanism might remain unchanged, most carmakers will improve the exterior and interior looks. The tech, especially the infotainment systems, progress so fast you’ll see a notable difference in a couple of years. Now add new safety features, electrification and automation, and you’ll notice that your two-year-old car seems old.

Buying new draws the line between the real car enthusiasts and those take a back seat. You’re supporting your fellow enthusiasts by influencing future OEM decisions when contributing to sales figures. Buying used might also increase resale values, but that has less impact than buying new.

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