Common Car Problems

Every car owner is bound to run into a fair share of problems. Most of these problems are often a result of wear and tear, which range from flat tires, overheating engines, to braking issues, among others. Faulty parts can be replaced with ease, but any inconsistencies in vehicle maintenance can turn up to be costly. Here is a rundown of common car problems, and how you can avoid them.


Dead Starter

Whenever you start your car, and it is unable to start, the chances are that the starter has failed. Small clicks after turning the ignition are indicative of a possible starter fail, especially if the engine fails to start. The main preventive measure prescribed for this issue is to conduct preventive maintenance on the main components of the starter.


Alternator Problems

The alternator is the part of the body that keeps the battery in check. If you have issues with the alternator, you might find yourself with dead cells even after buying a new battery. Aging is the main reason why most car owners struggle with alternator issues. That said, the remedy for alternator issues is to have it replaced after several years.


Oil Leaks

One of the main indicators of an oil leak is the presence of oily stains on the driveway and the parking lot. This problem often starts small, and later gets uncontrollable. Plug issues such as misalignment and missing plugs often cause oil leaks. Defective oil filters might also cause them. Oil leaks can be prevented by conducting regular checkups and preventive maintenance.


It is worth noting that car owners have to deal a lot with car problems. Overall, most of these problems can be avoided by taking your vehicle for routine maintenance. For emergencies, which do happen, all you need is to be prepared by having the contacts of an experienced mechanic on speed dial.


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