Guide to Finding a Reliable Mechanic

You need a safe and reliable vehicle to get around. While you might be taking your vehicle for routine maintenance, you might also need regular tune-ups to get things going. Most car owners do not prefer sticking to auto repair shops. Instead, they prefer working with a mechanic. Looking for a mechanic, here are some tips that will improve your chances of getting an auto repair mechanic.

Get Some Referrals

Instead of going for a franchise or a brand name that you recently came across, you should consider getting some referrals from some friends and family. A good recommendation from someone you know could be good if not even better.

Check Certifications

With a couple of referrals, you also need someone who has a certification in their field. Preferably, this certification should be offered by an independent body with a proven record such as the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.


When looking for a mechanic, you certainly need someone with a wealth of experience in vehicle repair and maintenance. You can easily tell this by looking at the number of years the mechanic has been in the industry. If possible, their experience should be backed up by some positive reviews.

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