Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction While Buying a Car

Buying a car can be an arduous process. As much as you might be fascinated by the prospect of owning a car, the process of buying a car can be somewhat dull. This is evidenced by the fact the vehicle-sales-satisfaction rates have been declining over the years. With the declining satisfaction rates, backed up by consumer reports, read on to see why car buyers rue their car buying experiences.


Long Process

Most car buyers are subjected to a lengthy process before they are allowed to take their car home. It is estimated that an average car buyer spends at least three hours at the dealership before buying a car. Nearly half of this time is spent on paperwork and negotiations, which can be frustrating in many ways.


Minimal Time on Pleasant Activities

It is also worth noting that most buyers do not spend as much time as they would want on “pleasant activities.” So instead of subjecting customers to lengthy paperwork and negotiations, give them more time for things such as test drives, vehicle set-up, and some lessons about the car. The more time is spent on fun things, the better it is for the customer.

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